A family legacy outlives the flesh and bones of those who proudly carry its name. It is meant to stand firm; unwavering even in times of change. For our family, hot sauce will be a part of its legacy. Shortly after our father, Felix, immigrated to Canada, he developed a keen interest in culinary arts which led him to a Montreal West Indian store in search of peppers and spices. This flavourful, tongue sizzling sauce dates back to 1986. Now, three decades later, Felix is still creating his hot sauce and bottling what has long been a staple in our home. Fresh ingredients paired with a bold imagination formed this brilliant recipe and our Canadian family, of Jamaican and Nigerian heritage, is as proudly blended as the spices in your jar. Without further ado, from us to you, we present, our beloved African Heat.


Our mission is to encourage families and communities to cook delectable feel-good meals that have the added dimension of heat. With a teaspoon of help from African Heat, our small batch, artisan hot sauce, you will enjoy cooking creatively just as much as you do the eating part.


Little Village Foods aspires to provide African Heat and other high-quality artisan sauces, to heat-seekers across the globe while maintaining high quality control over our small batches. Our foods will soon be available at local food markets, festivals, specialty grocery stores as well as integrated in the menus and recipes of your favourite local restaurants.

African Heat

Who's hungry?


What we’re about?

If there are two things we are really good at, it’s enjoying our time together as a family and making delicious hot sauce. Little Village Foods is passionate about serving our uniquely flavoured hot sauce, African Heat, to neighbouring families and friends like you.

African Heat can be added to virtually any recipe. It will not overpower your meal, only enhance the taste of your dish and tantalize your taste buds with just the right amount of heat. Though, taste buds beware! This is an authentic hot sauce for heat seekers who enjoy a good sizzle.

Tip: For soups and sauces add a little African Heat as you go until you find your perfect heat.

How to order?

Make an online order:

Don’t want to order online? No problem! Kindly send your order request to: littlevillagefoods@gmail.com

If you are in the restaurant or foods business and would like to place a bulk order of African Heat, please submit an inquiry.

Cost: $8.00 per 100ml of African Heat

Free Pick Up: Free pickup at Greenboro O-Train Station located at 2120 Bank Street, Ottawa ON K1V 1J5. By appointment only.

Shipping: Do you live outside of Ottawa area? No worries! We can ship your order to you. Standard shipping costs will apply.

Meet Our Team

Faces behind the heat

Rochelle MacLeod


Rochelle is a self-professed foodie with an emblazoned entrepreneurial spirit. Her educational background in mass communications and event management has given her a world of experience in maintaining strong vendor/client relationships and it has sustained her entrepreneurial goals. Rochelle loves to work directly with the public and especially enjoys bringing a smile to a face. Today, her company, Little Village Foods, is putting her father’s culinary talent to great use as they produce small batches of their signature African Heat hot sauce.



Felix is the master chef behind African Heat, Little Village’s signature hot sauce. Felix has thirty years of culinary experience and these days he is lending his hand as well as his secret recipe to the Little Village Foods’ business. You can expect high quality in every jar because Felix is capable of no less. Bon appétit!


Graphic Designer & Editor

Roxanne has an educational background in Psychology and a minor in English Literature. In addition to writing literary fiction novels and illustrating children books, Roxanne is also the graphic designing genius behind everything Little Village Foods. If you like the LVF logo, our business cards, or even these bios, you are a fan of Roxanne’s work.


Give them a try

Happy heat-seeker shares her favourite Bloody Caesar recipe:

- Squeeze lemon along rim of glass.

- In a shallow bowl mix MTL steak spice mixed with celery salt.

- Dip glass of rim into spice mix, covering entire perimeter, add ice to glass.

- Add a shot of vodka.

- Squeeze in lime or lemon juice.

- Add 3 drops of Worcestershire.

- Add 4 drops of Tabasco sauce.

- Pour in Calamato juice , spoon in a little African Heat.

- Lightly sprinkle in spice mixture, add a touch of fresh ground pepper.

- Garnish glass to your liking.

Got a question?

We have the answers

Q: Why does the colour of African Heat look slightly different than the colour from my last order?

A: Our awesome hot sauce is an all natural product made with only the freshest ingredients, thus, the vibrancy may vary depending on the ripeness of the ingredients. But not to worry, African Heat will be scrumptious every time.

Q: How long will African Heat last?

A: Once opened, place in the refridgerator. It can keep for over 6 months in the refridgerator as long as the colour does not significantly change. But, hey, engage your senses and you be the judge.

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